Shaker Museum is deeply grateful to the sponsors who have made the Summer Series possible.


Paul Cassidy and Vernon Evenson 

Matthew Greitzer and Kimberly Driessen 

Thomas Jacoby and Jennifer Solow, Edible Hudson Valley 

Leslie and Gary Katz

J. D. Weinberg and Bridget Foley 



Michael and Anne B. Golden 

Joe Kusnick and Tracy Brown

J.M. Kaplan Foundation

Lael Locke 

Lil’ Deb’s Oasis 

Martha McMaster and Sheldon Evans 

Performance Electrical 

John M. Schobel and Daniel Schmeder 

Ed Spiro and Donna McKay  

Kathleen and Allan Weiser 



Jeff Bailey and John Lillis 

Jerry Bernstein and Ann Berlstein 

John Dax and Amy Butler

Rae and Robert Gilson

Susan and Kenneth Kramer 

Taconic Engineering, DPC

Nick Van Alstine III

Adrienne Wincor



Mary Gail Biebel 

Calico Wallpaper  

John B. Carroll and Alexandra Anderson 

Rebecca Carter and Demetris Giannoulias 

Martin Cooper and Karen Suen-Cooper, The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co. 

Jeff Daly and Gary Delemeester

Mike and Karen Deming 

Kristen Dodge and Darren Foote

Ed Herrington, Inc. 

Lauree and Greg Hickock

Carmen and David Epstein

Peter Frank and Johnathan Lerner

Madeline and Ian Hooper 

Tony Jones and Pooky Amsterdam

Darlene and George Kohrman 

Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz

Mark Goldberg and Ariana Smart Truman

Joanne and Thomas Murphy 

Dee and Greg Olsen  


Michael and Barbara Polemis 

Benjamin and Toby Rose 

Beth Rundquist 

Ann and Paul Sagan

Stewart’s Shops

Nora and Jim Tuttle

Candace King Weir

Christopher White and Jameson Baughman

Carol and Rob Williams 

Ken Wright and Lock McKelvy



Bridge House Vintage

Sarah Broderick 

The Chatham Book Store

Chatham Brewing 

Chatham Wine & Liquor

Paul and Elizabeth DeRosa

Judy Fertel

Lois Dickson and Andrew Humphrey

Jamie Goldenberg, Hart

Hollymount Design and Productions

Aran Maree

Kathleen A. Marquardt

Victoria McLeod 

Ruth and Doug Post  

Stacey Salamone 

Nichole and Scott Saland 

Gabrielle Shapiro 

Robin Stevens

Tacos Diablo 

Joy Weiner 

Kirsten Westphal and Nick Arauz 

Robert and Roby Whitlock 

Jane Wood 

Yummy Kitchen